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Massage Therapy in the News:

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  • Brandy Thurman is the author of Awaken Your Mind, a wonderful inspirational book filled with powerful messages that will transform your life to a bright beginning! She is hoping to inspire, encourage, and help others to recognize their value and the beauty of life. Awaken Your Mind is available on,,, among others.

  • Luminous Intent is a website that presents a focus on: awareness, creativity, & our true luminous intent as living human beings. Luminous Intent offers Free e-books, Audio CDs, Original Oil on Canvas Artwork, Canvas Printing, and Life Coaching.

  • A research conducted by scientists from the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario showed that massage reduces inflammation and promotes the growth of new mitochondria in skeletal muscle.

  • There was a study conducted in the Burn Unit, Department of Pediatric Surgery, Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa showing that burned children relaxed with Massage Therapy.

  • Massage schools in Boulder, Colorado, and Nashville, Tennessee, received the BIOTONE 2010 Community Outreach Award, which recognizes schools' volunteer programs and awards a $2,500 grant.

  • The company, Massage Envy, has announced a $10 million advertising campaign for 2011. Massage Envy employs 16,000 massage therapists in its 650 Massage Envy and Massage Envy Spa locations in 43 states.

  • A study conducted by researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute showed that cancer patients who die in a hospital or intensive-care unit have worse quality of life at the end of life compared to patients who die at home with hospice services.

  • The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork has issued a call for massage-therapy students, practitioners and faculty to write items for its national certification exam. For more information, contact Elizabeth Langston, director of examination development, at or (630)652-0482.

  • Massage-related workshops, which were attended by more than 1,200 therapists, resulted in a $25,000 donation to the Massage Therapy Foundation.

  • Researchers in Thailand found that Jasmine oil has a stimulating and activating effect on the body. They concluded that Jasmine oil reduces depression when used in aromatherapy.

  • Heath experts say that massage can do wonders for your dog. Some techniques are passive touch, stroking, stretching, and kneading. Zoe Gan, a trusted professional in dog massage, has created a video called "Dog Massage Secrets," which teaches dog owners how they can improve their pet's health through proper dog massage.

  • Researchers, from the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery, in London, England have found that reflexology helps alleviate constipation.

  • Bruce Schoenberg of Oasis Day Spas in New York City is organizing a fundraising event called "Healing Arts for Haiti" that will go to relief work for victims of the Haiti earthquake.

  • Ohio State University has found new research showing that yoga reduces cytokine levels known to promote inflammation.

  • Christina Brandon, massage therapist, has broken the world record for continuous massage performed for 68 hours from her office at Gulf Gate Chiropractic in Sarasota, Florida.

  • Massage Therapy has proven to help women who have breast cancer by improving the immune system and lowering the heart rate and systolic blood pressure.

  • The nation's largest massage franchise company, Massage Envy, will reportedly set a new world record for massaging 220 people at once on October 25, 2009.

  • Mary Lundberg, Massage therapist, has been recently in the news after providing massage to musical performers and other celebrities.

  • The Florida State Massage Therapy Association has honored Lynda Solien Wolfe, a massage therapist in Merritt Island, Florida, The Charles Canfield Award. Each year, this award is given out to a member for their outstanding achievements.

  • AMTA members are volunteering 10-minute seated massage to walkers for the Energizer Breast Cancer 3-Day events across the country. There are 2,000 to 4,000 walkers at each event to raise the money. They will cover 60 miles in three days and camp for two nights.

  • The Department of Nursing, Tri-Service General Hospital, in Taiwan, administered sessions where researchers found that Reflexology improves the quality of sleep.

  • The Massage Therapy Foundation in 2008 has found that one massage therapy session can reduce heart rate and stress hormone levels while promoting the release of endorphins.

  • The "Hand in Hand 2009 is a Symposium to Celebrate Massage Therapy in Eldercare and Hospice." This conference which will be held in Orlando, Florida on May 1st through the 3rd. The Center for Compassionate Touch organized the conference which offers training and consultation to the caregivers.

  • In the Journal of Pediatric Psychology, research has proven that massage is beneficial for children with sickle cell disease. Massage will ease pain and improve blood flow which may prevent the cells from blocking vessels.

  • In the Archives of Surgery, a new study has found that massage can help to ease the pain after surgery.

  • In the Journal of Pediatric Oncology, massage was proven to reduce the anxiety in children with cancer and their parents too.

Welcome to the World of Massage Therapy!

Massage is thought to be one of the oldest healing arts dating back 3,000 years in Chinese records. The Ancient Egyptians, Persians, Hindus used massage to perserve health and treat various aliments. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine wrote, "The Physician Must Be Experienced In Many Things, but assuredly in rubbing.. . for rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose, and loosen a joint that is too rigid." He also advised that aromatic bath and fragrance massage should be used daily for good health.

Massage Relaxation Therapy imageIn India, Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine, has great emphasis on the therapeutic benefits of massage with aromatic oils and spices.

Dr. Ambroise Pare, a 16th-century physician to the French court, advised massage for treating many aliments. Per Henrik Ling, 19th century Swedish doctor, poet, and educator, developed Swedish massage. His system was based on a study of gymnastics and physiology, and borrowed the techniques from China, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Massage therapy is the systematized manipulation of soft tissues to the body intending to reduce stress and fatigue while improving circulation. Massage Therapy involves various techniques such as stroking, kneading, tapping, compression, vibration, rocking, friction, and pressure to the muscular structure or soft tissues of the human body. Massage therapists use their hands, forearms, elbows, or feet.

Massage is now used for babies, children, elderly people, patients with illnesses and diseases. Most American hospices frequently offers massage in hospitals, health care centers, and clinics.

Today massage is used to relax the body, mind, and to relieve stress. Massage therapy has also proven to have beneficial results for many chronic conditions, including low back pain, arthritis, bursitis, fatigue, diabetes, immunity suppression, depression, and more.

Overall, massage increases longevity, productivity, circulation, sensation, mobility, and relaxation.

Massage Therapy Safety - Precautions/ Contra-Indications:

Seek medical attention if you suffer from phlebitis, thrombosis, varicose veins, severe acute back pain, or fever. Avoid swellings, fractures, skin infections, or bruises. During the first three months of pregnancy do not massage the abdomen, legs, and feet. Cancer patients are best treated by specially trained practitioners.

Questions you may ask:

Where will my massage session take place?

Your massage session will take place in a warm, comfortable, quiet room with soft music playing to help you relax. You will lie on a table especially designed for your comfort.

Will Insurance cover Massage?

Usually, but only if prescribed by your doctor.

Do I get completely undressed?

Most massage techniques are performed with the client unclothed; however, you may decide the amount of clothing you prefer to wear for your comfort.

Will the therapist be in the room when I disrobe?

The massage therapist will leave the room while you undress, relax onto the table, and cover yourself with a sheet.

Will I be covered during the massage?

You will be draped at all times to keep you warm and comfortable. The therapist will expose only areas being worked on.

How long will the session last?

A full-body massage session lasts approximately one hour. A half-hour session only allows time for a partial massage which involves the neck, back & shoulders, or legs & feet.

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